DOWNLOAD: Christmas Crime Story 2017 In HD, 3gp, Mp4 Official Movie Trailer

DOWNLOAD: Christmas Crime Story 2017 In HD, 3gp, Mp4 Official Movie Trailer

Christmas Crime Story is a 2017 multi-vignette crime drama directed by Richard Friedman. Written by Sean Chipman and Robert Chipman, the film features an ensemble cast that includes Adrian Paul, Eric Close, Aaron Perilo, Scott Bailey and Neraida Bega in leading roles.

Set during an abnormal heatwave in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, the film revolves around multiple characters whose lives intersect before, during and after a liquor store robbery.

Plot: A botched robbery leads down a destructive path for a detective (Bailey) attempting to reconcile with his estranged mother (Humes), a coming-apart-at-the-seams amateur photographer (Paul), his vindictive and murderous fiancee (Bega), her secret lover (Perilo) and a mall Santa (Close) struggling to remain sober.

Christmas Crime Story Official Movie Trailer

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